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Big Data
Enterprises across the globe are rapidly adopting big data analytics to identify patterns and enable better decision making. Uncovering actionable insight from unstructured data helps organizations to take advantage of new market 
opportunities, minimize risk, and drive down costs. However, it is important to have a well-defined strategy, and a robust IT infrastructure to exploit big data successfully.

IT organizations are increasingly turning to cloud computing as the preferred platform to support their big data projects. While enterprises often keep their most sensitive data in-house, huge volumes of public data such as social media may be available and can be stored externally.

Leveraging the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and technical expertise developed over a decade of managing and supporting BI solutions, Arvytech helps customers define their big data strategy and deploy various technologies such as Hadoop, Amazon EMR, Redshift, Kinesis, Splunk, Jaspersoft, and OBIEE

Big Data Consulting Services
- Evaluation of technology and opting the right platform
- Architecture Assessment and Definition
- Prototyping & Benchmarking
- Big Data 

Implementation Services
- Installing and Configuring Hadoop on new environment
- Developing applications using MapReduce Programming
- Analytical Application Development like web log analysis or social media analysis using Hadoop, Hive etc.

Big Data Support Services
- Hadoop Cluster Monitoring
- Configure Hadoop for performance optimization
- Load data into Hadoop’s Distributed File System (HDFS)